I am doing this blog, so that anyone who wants to try a new herbal blend, can hopefully find it on my blog, and read a little about it first. The reason for the recent legislation on herbal incense and spice, is because people have no idea what to expect from some of the stronger blends. I would like to help make that fear less scary. I consider myself a pioneer of herbal exploration. Yes others have come before me, but what is right for one person is not always right for another person. My blogs are unbiased, if I don't like something that I have tried I will post an accurate portrayal as to why I didn't like it. I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you feel I need to add something, or if you have any questions feel free to either email me at, or just leave a me a comment. Alright folks keep blazing and thanks for reading. :-)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sativah Herbal Blend


A potent Blend of herbs to expand the conscience
When I first purchased Sativah I honestly thought I was purchasing Salvia Divinorum. A few of my friends refused to try it at the time because they also thought it was Salvia. I bought mine at the local head shop in Cedar, but you can get yours at
The packaging States:
"Sativah contains herbs in concentration known to promote incredibly vivid dreams and inspire the imagination. New Users should smoke one bowl three days in a row to experience the full effects of Sativah. Best results if used before bedtime. God Spared Onze Koningin.
This blend may contain: Lettuce Opium, Mad dog weed, Egyption Mugwort, Passionflower, Hops, Strobiles, Mixed Chamomile, Damiana, Rapsberry and Spearmint for flavor"
I will first look at the herbs contained in this blend:
Lettuce Opium aka Lopium aka Wild Lettuce

This herb is said to have a mild psychotropic effect much like that of opium, thus the name. Its used as a sedative and is said to have hypnotic properties.

Mad Dog Weed aka Alisma plantago-aquatic
This plant is used in medicines to help with overactive bladder problems and issues with access sweat. There is nothing recorded as to what happens when you smoke this plant.
Egyptian Mugwort aka Artemisia vulgaris
This plant is most commonly used in witchcraft to help enhance visions, or astral projection. This plant is what is know for giving users intense dreaming experiences.
Passionflower aka Passiflora aka Passion Vines
This flower is said to cause a passionate innuendo, although the flower was named passion flower because of the unique cross shape of the flowers symbolizing the passion of Christ.
Hops aka Humulus
Hops are in the same family as Cannabis aka Marijuana.
There are many people who love smoking Hops, as a legal alternative to weed. I will now order me some online to see what these hops are all about.
Now a Strobile is just a part of a plant like a "cone" on the stems. So what plant do these strobilus come from?
Mixed Chamomile
This herb is most commonly used in Teas to help promote sleep and reduce stress.
This herb is a known aphrodisiac and is known to help relax muscles.
This herb is said to give the user an overall sense of calm and to add flavor.
This herb is simply a flavor enhancer in this herbal blend.
The Effects of Sativah 
Since I have already smoked most of the baggie of this herb I will only smoke one joint to record the feelings myself and Duece receive after smoking it.
Ok we will start with our herbal questioner:
What method are you using to smoke this herb?
Hand rolled joint.
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, how bad did it burn when you took the initial hit?
Amber: I would give this herbal blend a 4 on harshness to the throat and lungs.
Duece: Gives this blend a 2.
How many hits did it take for you to start feeling any effects?
Both Duece and I started feeling the effects after two normal hits.
In two to three words describe how the herb is making you feel
Amber: I felt light and happy.
Duece: Felt relaxed and at ease
Are you feeling horny at all?
Neither Duece nor I felt Horny after smoking this herb
Do you have the Munchies?
Neither Duece nor I got the munchies after smoking this blend.
Do you like this herb?
Both Duece and I liked this blend
Would you smoke it again?
Amber: No, it gives me an at ease feeling but does not get me to that state of hightened awareness that I want to achieve.
Duece: Yes I feel like I could smoke this blend whenever I got stressed out.
Would you suggest this herb to anyone to try?
Amber: Yes, it’s a great relaxant, but it does not get me high.
Duece: Yes, it’s a great blend, good flavor.

This Blend has a very robust flavor but is a light smoke, it gives off the aroma of cinnamon when burned, I like the smell of it, its very pleasing to the senses, but like I said it does not get me high like cannabis. This is a great herbal blend for stress relief, or just to relax with, but it is not a good substitute for marijuana.
Here are some links to some other peoples reveiws who smoked Sativah:


  1. great review, all ingredients were described and had links all reviews should be like this one and the questionaire was great too something I didnt think of great work ! I feel like I all the knowledge that I was seeking! CHEERIO!

    1. *feel like I HAVE. executed perfectly!

  2. How long could sativah effects? Because when I am going to buy herbal incense wholesale there are a variety of effects and some of it effect with in 1-2hrs.

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