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Monday, January 24, 2011

Buddha's Blend

For internal Journey & Spiritual Guidance

I purchased Buddha's Blend also at the local head shop in Cedar, about a year ago. I was looking for something to get high off of, without the hassle of having to find good weed. If you want to order online this is a good site:
The back of this herbal blend states:
"Buddha's Blend is a light uplifting smoke that can be used as an accompaniment to prayer or other rituals. The effects of this blend may vary with each person depending on there state of enlightenment. "Mindfulness is the aware; balanced acceptance of the present experiance."
This ancient blend of herbs may contain Lopium, Prickly poppy, California Poppy, Lion's Tail Buds, Kava Kava, Broom Flowers Magical Juniper, cardamom, Lavender, Cinnamon, Spearment, and Rosemary."
Ok so first I will look at the ingrediants of this herbal blend to see what the effects should be:
Lopuim aka Wild Lettuce or Lettuce Opium
This herb is said to have a mild phsycotropic effect much like that of opium, thus the name. Its used as a sedative and is said to have hypnotic properties.
Prickly Poppy aka argemone or as people around my parts know it Thistles only with cuter flowers.
This plant is commonly used to treat cataracts. There is not a whole lot of information on this plant, so I am unsure as to why they added it to this herbal blend. I don't know what it does on its own, so I will just have to purchase some online and find out.
California Poppy aka Eschscholzia californica
This plant acts as a mild sedative when smoked or drank in a tea.
Lion's Tail Buds aka Leonotis Leonurus or Wild Dagga
This plant has mild psycoactive properties.  It is said to have a milder high than marijuana, but its alot alike in many ways to a high like marijuana. Ok note to self get some Lions tail buds.
Kava Kava aka Piper methysticum
This plant creates a mild euphoric reaction and relaxes users. According to Wiki there are alot of adverse effects of using Kava, but but hell I didn't want to live to be 90 anyway. When I was about 13 or 14 my step mother would give me Kava Kava pills to help with PMS and mood swings. You should only use the root of this plant, becuase the leaves and stems may cause liver damage when eaten...I wonder what happens when you smoke it...
Broom Flowers aka Broom Shrub
In the early 17 and 18 centurys Wild Broom was added to salads and other foods, but health concerns arose about heart problems and pregnant women, so they no longer use it in salads, there are no recorded effects on what happens when you smoke it, so I have no idea why they added it in this mix of herbs.
Magical Juniper aka Juniper berries
Now as a child my mother always told me not to eat the funny looking blue berries, because they are not berrys at all but seeds. Uses for these "berries" are in some cultures seasoning, and in some Native American cultures actual food. So I am assuming they added this as a flavor inhancer.
Is used as a light sedative.
Is used for smell as well as flavor. And is said to give the user an overall sense of well being.
I am assuming the Cinnamon and Spearment are used to flavor the herbal mixture, as far as I know niether plant is used for anything but.
Effects of Buddha's Blend
My first hit of Buddha Blend I would probably rate as a 4, it burned but did not make me cough.
Duece rates this blend at a 4 as well.
I did not actually feel the effects of this herb until about half the joint, I would say we had about 4 hits a piece, and all of a sudden it just hit me. I had a buzz, and not like normal herb buzz but like cannibis buzz. It was the high before the high type of feeling. I did not get the munchies, nor did I get horny. I was so excited that I got buzzed off of this nasty tasting herb, I really didn't pay attention to any hungry emotions or anything like that. 
Duece did get horny, but did not get the munchies.
The high we had off of this blend lasted about 15-16 minutes, then I got a headache, and Duece felt like he hadn't smoked anything at all.
I did like this herb, but I would not smoke it again, mainly because the headache I got off of this blend was not worth the 15 minute high.
Duece Likes this herb and would smoke it again, he enjoyed it very much.
I would recommend this herb to anyone who wants to just relax and do some inner thinking.


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