I am doing this blog, so that anyone who wants to try a new herbal blend, can hopefully find it on my blog, and read a little about it first. The reason for the recent legislation on herbal incense and spice, is because people have no idea what to expect from some of the stronger blends. I would like to help make that fear less scary. I consider myself a pioneer of herbal exploration. Yes others have come before me, but what is right for one person is not always right for another person. My blogs are unbiased, if I don't like something that I have tried I will post an accurate portrayal as to why I didn't like it. I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you feel I need to add something, or if you have any questions feel free to either email me at, or just leave a me a comment. Alright folks keep blazing and thanks for reading. :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lavender Flowers

Lavender is an easy to get a hold of herb. I found mine on ebay, but you can find Lavender everywhere. Flower shops, craft stores, smoke shops, its everywhere and cheap too. Alright so the reason I am smoking this herb, is because I love the smell of Lavender, its relaxing and doesn't bother my skin. Oh and because its purple. Alright so this is not the first time I tried lavender, I added it to some motherwort once, because motherwort tastes terrible. But today I am going to smoke lavender all by itself. 
Now I have not been keeping up on my checklist, I apologize for that, but I am as of this blog commiting to always or at least almost always remember to fill out my checklist. So here it is for Lavender:

What method are you using to smoke this herb?
Mini Hookah 
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst, how bad did it burn when you took the initial hit?
 4, this is not a very harsh herb, in fact its rather enjoyable. It's sweet to the taste buds and soft on the lungs. To me though it feels too sweet, so I would love it to be mixed with something
How many hits did it take for you to start feeling any effects?
 1, after one hit I felt a head change
In two to three words describe how the herb is making you feel
 Dizzy, relaxed
Are you feeling horny at all?
Do you have the Munchies?
Do you like this herb?
 Yes, it relaxes me and smells awesome.
Would you smoke it again?
 Yes, but not alone, I plan on making a mixture of this herb, as soon as I perfect the recipe I will post it on here. I plan on calling this blend Purple Paradise.
Would you suggest this herb to anyone to try?

Sure and if you can figure out an amazing mix for it, please let me know so I can try it.
Alright so i am gonna go try a few different mixes with Lavender in it, so keep blazing and toodles all.


  1. well i just started smoking it today i used wild lavender from a close by canal it is so relaxing i have read up on it for a while and it dose no harm i would not advise heavy smoking or intake of any kind but its a great way to calm any stress issues or any anxiety it relives head aches and its a smooth calming herb and 100 percent legal

  2. I like Lavender Flowers and ordered wholesale incense for high quality of items. It was really great.

  3. Try mixing with fresh picked chamomile flower if smoked that in tea form and the first time I did I got a very surprising head change but went away if it was fresh and cured I believe it would break through more on the psychoactive side with lavender to backpack it

  4. Catnip and lavender flower is a good mix but if you mix catnip and resin from weed " the tar like substance found in your bowls and pipes and other smoking utensils" I think is the best combination the catnip takes away the head ake and makes the high last longer and makes it 3times relaxing and just fills great